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Our Story

The story of Mossaria's inception is rooted in the passion and vision of its founder, Abhijeet Singh Chauhan.

As a nature enthusiast, Abhijeet recognized the growing disconnect between urban living and the natural world. He realized that, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, people were yearning for a calming oasis that could bring them closer to nature while offering a sanctuary from the stresses of their daily routines.​

In his quest to bridge this gap, Abhijeet was inspired by the innovative techniques of renowned horticulturist Patrick Blanc and the aquascaping sensibilities of Takashi Amano of ADA. He began to explore how their approaches could be adapted and customized to suit the unique conditions and challenges of Indian urban environments.​

Over the course of two years, Abhijeet assembled a team of talented designers, horticulturists, and aquatic specialists who shared his enthusiasm for transforming spaces through the integration of natural elements. They worked tirelessly to develop and refine their techniques, taking inspiration from the pioneers in the field, while adding their own creative flair and expertise.​The result was Mossaria, a visionary design studio that embodies the concept of "Harmonious Serenity."

As a testament to the team's dedication and skill, Mossaria has created an experience center and gallery in Delhi, showcasing eight large-scale exhibits that demonstrate the remarkable potential of their work.​Today, Mossaria stands as a symbol of Abhijeet's unwavering commitment to reconnect people with nature and create sustainable, serene, and aesthetically pleasing indoor and outdoor ecosystems that have the power to transform the atmosphere and well-being of any space.


At Mossaria, our vision is to revolutionize the way people perceive and interact with urban spaces by seamlessly incorporating the tranquility and aesthetic appeal of nature. We strive to transform traditional living and working areas into sustainable, calming, and healthy environments that inspire creativity, reduce stress, and promote well-being.


Our mission is to design, construct, and maintain innovative and eco-friendly indoor ecosystems that cater to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We aim to collaborate closely with architects and interior decorators to create stunning, nature-inspired spaces that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also contribute positively to the occupants' physical and mental health. By continuously refining our techniques and embracing the insights of pioneers such as Patrick Blanc and Takashi Amano, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality, functionality, and long-term sustainability in all our projects.

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