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At Mossaria, we reimagine urban living by integrating the soothing essence of nature right where you need it most—your living and working environments.

Our mission is clear: to transform conventional spaces into sustainable, peaceful havens that foster well-being, creativity, and stress relief. Embrace our digital-first approach, where innovation meets tranquility.

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Mossaria is a visionary design studio that brings the tranquility and beauty of the natural world into urban environments.

Our experienced team of designers, horticulturists, and aquatic specialists collaborate to create exceptional indoor ecosystems that combine aesthetics with environmental benefits, enhancing the atmosphere and well-being of any space.

We design, construct and maintain indoor and outdoor closed loop Ecosystems, Designer Living Walls, Paludariums & Raised Ponds. With our expertise in custom installations, Mossaria provides clients with the unique opportunity to build their own indoor oasis or closed-loop ecosystem that caters to their specific needs and preferences.

With Mossaria, you can transform your environment into a serene indoor oasis, seamlessly blending aesthetics and well-being. Discover the harmonious serenity of Mossaria and experience the extraordinary fusion of nature, art, and design.


Delve into the lush, green world of living walls. Each installation is more than just a decoration; it's an ecosystem tailored to purify the air, regulate humidity, and transform your space into a vibrant, healthy environment.

Explore our variety of designs, each customized to meet thespecific needs and styles of our clients.


Living Walls

Bring nature indoors with our living walls. We create custom living walls that offer tranquillity and beauty to any indoor space. Our team of designers, horticulturists, and aquatic specialists are dedicated to crafting living walls that combine aesthetics with environmental benefits, enhancing the atmosphere and well-being of any room.

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Our paludariums are closed ecosystems that mimic the natural environments of rainforests and wetlands. We use a combination of plants and animals, such as frogs, lizards and fish that coexist and thrive in an enclosed environment. Our paludariums not only offer a unique landscape but also provide natural air filtration and fresh oxygen.

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Our custom-built raised ponds bring the beauty and wonder of natural water bodies to your indoor space. With our expertise in design and construction, we create exquisite raised ponds that incorporate aquatic life, aquatic plants, and unique features such as cascading waterfalls and bubbling fountains. Our raised ponds are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and our team ensures they are built to withstand the test of time.

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